P90X Day 0: The Fitness Test

So it's been five months since a major surgery, and having lost 40 pounds then gaining back 45 (no fair!), gaining a new job, another surgery, and losing said job, I thought it is time I got myself back into shape.

I took the before pictures. I deleted them. I had a banana split to make me feel better.

I started working my way through the test.
1. Pull-ups. Who are they kidding?
2. Rest 1 minute. Okay, I can do that.
3. Vertical leap. Okay, I'm tall. And this white gal can jump, nearly 8 inches.
4. Rest 4 minutes. Sweet! This is easy.
5. Push-ups. Umm, wait, there's salvation in the fine print for us ladies! That's 15 on the knees with lots of pillows.
6. Rest 4 minutes. Phew, I needed it.
7. Reach past your toes, something I could never do in school. Today, for the first time in my life, I was able to reach 1.5 inches beyond my toes!
8. No rest, bummer!
9. Wall squat, basically sit, but with no chair. This was one of physical therapy's favorite tortures. Ensuring I had lots of pillows on which to land, I made it one minute and one second. Yeah yeah, one second beyond ain't much, but it's one more than the absolute minimum.
10. I enjoyed those pillows for the four minutes rest.
11. Bicep curls, oooh, this one I can do. Made 20 of them with 10 pounds weight. To think, 13 years ago I was hauling around 80 pound bags like nothing, got injured, got repaired, then started with lifting soup cans. After a few months of that, I started lifting unopened soup cans.
12. Only 3 minutes rest, I've been robbed!
13. In & Outs... Hmm, I'm great at In-N-Out, can usually get my Double-Double and fries in under 20 minutes, but for this fitness test they have you kick your feet in and out while sitting on the floor. I made five above the min.
14. Back to the four minutes rest, whew!
15. Jumping jacks for two minutes. Okay, on my way and at the 45 second point, whoops, gotta pee, NOW. So does it count if I could do it, if I hadn't needed the physiological break?

I waited 'til my heart wasn't pounding out of my chest and tried it again. Gonna need two sports bras, aw, make that duct tape like the Princess Leia character in the first real Star Wars movie. So I continued through the second minute with one arm holding down the girls to keep 'em from smacking me in the chin. Hmm, jumping up and down has other side effects, one must ensure an adequate airflow through the room.

As I was enjoying the four minutes break, the hot flash hit, so I got an increase in the heart rate. Reading the fine print once again, all you have to do to pass is finish the test standing and able to breathe (doesn't say one can't have a gas mask on, phee-ewww!).

I won't be purchasing equipment as I already have a 10-50 pound dumbbell (might get a second one), pain & torture has given me a set of bands, and those funky "door pull-up" bars all require a doorway without a door, so all that seems to be left is a yoga block.

I checked my weight before I started and again afterwards. Not bad, I only gained one pound (was drinking water throughout).

Tomorrow I plan to watch workout one, on fast-forward of course.

A pic for the day from PleaseEnjoy:  

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