P90X day what?

I SOOOOOO need some of that cooling spray right now. My thunder thighs are on FIRE!!!! Jump training my ass! Any more friction down there and we'd be seeing lots of smoke. I've got burn marks!

And there is no weight loss, in fact, munch munch, I'm gaining, having gained two pounds this week. Do I care? Not enough to do anything about it. I just learned that I'm allergic to a whole bunch of foods and basically, this is my last chance to eat things I really like and enjoy, 'cause next week I see the nutritionist, and all the bad food will either be thrown out or otherwise destroyed. All that money spent on food, down the drain. Now instead of eating good food, I get to take supplements made from artificial foods, drink unflavored water, and eat cardboard, without any salt to sprinkle on it. Oh joy. And I'll probably still gain weight. Yayyy.

So for today, I'm being naughty. Tomorrow I will pay.

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