POSX Day 6:Eecch!

Few things in life are as fun as taking off a tight, wet, nasty sports bra. As you roll the nasty thing up, you hear seams ripping, only some of which are coming from the fabric. You slough off a layer of skin, that wasn't quite ready for shedding, leaving behind large scrapes. Then, with almost a SPORING, the girls leap out, happy to have their freedom back, and, if you're older than about 25, they head for the planet, bruising your knees if you're not careful to set them down gently, sloshing a gallon of sweat onto the floor. But, there is some satisfaction at the end, when you bring one part back, re-stretching the fabric, then releasing, letting the despised object shoot across the room. It'll take an eye out if one is in the path during release.With a mighty wet SPLOSH!, the bra hits the wall, then drops neatly into the laundry basket.

I'll wipe down the wall later.

Kenpo X, after an easy warmup,  was knees, elbows, limbs flailing wildly, with the desired effect of rendering one's opponent incapacitated with uncontrollable laughter.

Then we started the second exercise. Comedians struggle for years and may never achieve such comedy.

There were some moves with kicks. The Rockettes are not in danger. I'd had some karate training in the past, and all it did was to confuse the moves of the slick, polished individuals on the screen, frolicking through the routine like they've done it a hundred times before. And I'm sure they have. As I was on a Mac and not my usual PC, I searched in vain for the slow motion button, finally giving up and moving along at my own speed. If I'd set the thing to slow motion, it'd be dawn before I made it halfway through.

About halfway through, the polished beauties started to slow down. And by the end, I'd finally caught up.

Yesterday I missed the Ab Ripper routine, so I've missed that twice this week. I'm not worried about the supplements or the nutrition part. I'm not after ripped and I don't feel like another injury from which to recover. My head still hurts from that dang bar from yesterday. No, my goal is to make it to day 21, still upright, without needing a walker. Hopefully, this not needing a walker part will also include some side benefits such as making it up my front step without needing to take a break between legs. Well, I'm not that bad, but I was, and never want to get there again.

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