P90xxx: Day 8 :-P

One is supposed to be a wimp today. Sit back, relax, rest. Or maybe do a stretch routine. Well, I'm not strong nor do I have endurance, but I ain't sitting on my butt today. I stretch daily with or without p90x anything.

So today, after a 2 hour drive, 2 hour flight, and lunch, I started WEEK TWO: Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X.

I didn't need the chatter, so I chose the music and cues, then decided silence was better. Then I turned on my favorite workout track, Crystal Method Workout on Nike & Ipod, and ripped through it. Everything was easier in terms of being able to do the workout. By the second time through, I was fast forwarding any time I had longer than a 30 second break between sets. Once you know the routine, you can take the 1.5 hour workout and get it down to an hour or less, as you don't need the instruction. I hope. Otherwise I'm gonna really be feeling it tomorrow.

I found a safe way to put the bands through a closed door (tie a knot in 'em, then thread the knot to the other side of the door, close the door, and done. You're not going to be doing pullups on them, but you can get some serious strength that way. A friend reminded me of another pilot that is now severely paralyzed after a pull-up doorway bar released while he was on it. Not good. I'll do pull-ups in a gym or with a proper installation at home, not a portable POS.

Now to get back to work.

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