P90x Day 3, 3.5, 1/2 of 4

First off, so everyone is clear, my head hurts!!!!!

I took it easy during the yoga part, getting a good workout laughing my ass off at some of the poses. My body doesn't move that way.

I took the next day off, walking 4 miles while going on wild goose chases, herding cats, and tap-dancing around hot topics.

Then, Day 4, I was nicely settled into the routine, doing the wide-arm pull-ups with the bands for the second round, and the damn bar came out of the doorway. It smacked me right on top of the head. Fortunately, the part that hit was where I'd tied the bands, so it wasn't metal on my hard head, but cushioned metal on my hard head. It didn't split the skin, but I've a nasty bruise there.

I am still pissed. The bar is going right back to the store along with a consumer complaint to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. I followed the flipping instructions. The thing held just fine for 2 days of attempted pull-ups, and I'm not that strong, yet. Looking closer, I found where one weld was improper, thus the arm that holds the thing to the wall bent. Cheap Chinese POS garbage! I'm not against any country, but I am against paying good money for crap. Oh, I want to go Billy Blanks on their butt, perhaps it is some time for some Force Lightning...

The good news is that an ice bag on the head really cools you down. I did a modified version of the workout with no pullups or attempts at such, then applied my topical painkiller of choice with a Tylenol chaser.

Weight-wise, on Day 6 total of doing this stuff,  I'm up 0.2 pounds but supposedly my body fat percentage is down 3%. I don't see that much in terms of appearance, so I'm going to skip images for another week or so.  When I find my tape measure, I post if there are any size changes.

Edit: Found the tape measure. So far I've lost one inch off of my belly and waist, and TWO inches off of my hips. Sweet! That's almost enough motivation to do the Ab Ripper X, once my head stops hurting.

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