P90[explicative deleted] Day Three.

I spent the day tap dancing around hot topics, dong the carpet dance, going on wild goose chases, and finally wrapping up the day by herding cats. I am getting faster at shuffling paper, though.

Today was shoulders and arms. I have to be extremely careful with a rebuilt shoulder, but again with the docs blessing, I could have at it. Except I didn't want to. I put it off most of the day, the running around making it easy to put off. My rebuilt leg was complaining, but it had the day off excepting for the dancing and chasing. Oh. I do NOT want to do this.

But sitting in a chat room talking with folks far in excess of my size and those that no longer care, I kept feeling sillier and sillier. It's only a blipping hour long and I can hit the pause button all I want. And the hot tub is hot! After ten minutes in chat, the same tired stories popping up that I've already read and commented on, I snapped. "Night all" and I was off. Pop in the CD, hit the loo, wrap up the bouncy parts, and hit play.

The first round I could do 12.5 pounds thinking I was hot stuff. The second round I did 10 pounds. Then the second set first round I did 10, then dropped to 5 and stayed at 5 for the rest of the routine. This was a rather easy routine in terms of the moves, no push-ups or pull-ups from hell, but add in lots of weight and you can blow a tendon. I kept it light and easy, using pain as a guide. Only got one warning, which is where I went down to and kept things at 5 pounds.

After a workout is not the time to collapse on a couch or hunch over the computer. Read McKenzie's "7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life" for details. So instead of blogging my exploits, I hit the hot tub and did the range of motion exercises (ROM) for the hips and legs. Afterwards I did a Biofreeze rub-down with a Tylenol chaser.

I hate p90x. I hate the person that developed it. I hate the former friend that introduced me to it. I hate the fact that my CD 3 was damaged and the company is replacing it for free, but, it was available online so I had no excuses (and no, don't ask me where it is, you can read this blog, you can google it). I hate the fact that my clothes are not fitting easier, but are becoming tighter in areas not related to fat. I am plotting revenge, if I can get out of this chair. If I can get out of bed tomorrow.

I still managed to tweak a muscle or nerve in the substandard arm, so it'll be a waiting game to let it calm down. If it's a nerve, 3 days. If it is a muscle or worse, a few hours to unknown. Tomorrow is yoga, so there'll be limited stretching and no weight on that arm. I'm mentally crossing my fingers that all will be well soon.

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