P90X Day 2: Plyometrics

I made a really important decision today. It was very difficult and painful, and I knew things would get worse if I did. I resorted to bribery, if the temperature outside increased above 65, I would sit in the hot tub for as long as it took. Thus, I got out of bed.

I can count my pecs, something I've not been able to do since taking a weight training course in high school. Today, each one is crying out for more Biofreeze and some painkillers. Having the knowledge from the high school course and a period where I was a real athlete, the pain is following a familiar pattern, so I know it's normal and not due to having injured anything.

And scientists wonder why people don't exercise? It's easy, silly, it's cause exercise hurts afterwards and the next day is even worse!

Plyometrics was a great workout. If you have any constipation issues, this routine will clear 'em right out. With my Biofreeze pre-rubbed in, I started. After about 15 minutes, getting better, with plenty of breaks, the body finally decided it was time to take a leak, but I was able to get right back in it. If you used a scanning electron microscope, you could see the ground clearance in my leaps. The arm movements were negligible, just trying to hold on to the 44 Longs, despite wearing three sports bras.

About halfway through, my deodorant gave out.

The twist combo really got things bouncing, Boobquake 2010 here we come! One hand to hold the boobs, one hand to hold the fat. The paint on the apartment walls would peel if I raised my arms, so this wasn't too bad.

By the third twist combo, I was ready to puke out breakfast, dinner from last night, breakfast from last morning, the box of Milk Duds I had in 3rd grade...

Guitar Hero after a series of little leaps, I tried one full out. Fortunately I have serious padding in my fanny so when I landed on it, no damage was done.

Squat jacks was another trip to the loo. I spotted a wrapping band used from a surgery long ago and tied things down. This led to a vast improvement in performance. The bruises in my chin should go away in a few weeks. I'm not looking forwards to waking up tomorrow, though.

The second round of Guitar Hero, I kept it low and stayed upright. Then there was football hero, baseball hero, tire hero, squat hero, run jump and squat hero, and an assortment of tortures, all designed to beat one's self up and maybe, if one is really lucky, maybe burn of some of the excess that is a sedentary life.

Finally, the cool down. I thought I'd made it, until the calf stretch. Arrggh! They did get a burn going in the warmup, but they did another in the cooldown! Sneaky, sneaky.

Despite wanting to puke everything out during the workout, afterwards I wanted to eat a horse. On the hoof. I settled for some chicken and macaroni and cheese. I worked too hard to have lettuce with tofu wedgies.

Tomorrow, if I can get out of bed, it'll be Shoulders and Arms, plus another Ab Ripper. 19 Days to go.

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